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1 39:58 Female Cleveland, TN 5K
It had been raining so I took my kids to the local mall and ran/walked my 5k there.
2 45:49 Female Campbellsport , WI 5K
Whew!! I made it!! It was a great experience, even though I'm out of shape!! Haha!! I will run more!!
3 55:23 Female Cleveland, TN 54° F 5K
Did the first mile with my daughter who is 8 1/2 months pregnant and then finished the rest with my usual time.
4 ⭐️ 2 1:00:18 Female Adell, WI 55° F 5K
I run with my mom and I did mostly walking and split them since I am 8 1/2 months pregnant. It is fun to do one 5k since my last 5k was last January.

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 Campbellsport , WI
 Adell, WI
 Cleveland, TN
 Cleveland, TN
Nana running to stay healthy to keep up with her grand-kids