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1 ⭐️ 3 24:48 Female Mt. Zion, IL 57° F 5K
I raced a 10K at the Arcola Broom Corn Festival this morning in great weather and decided to make this my Donut Dash race as well. I ended up winning the women's 10K and got a nice plaque and a Broom Corn souvenir broom plus a $200 gift certificate to a local running store. It was a great day! My family (in-laws and husband) came out to see me run and I couldn't have had a better day to run a 1... See more »
2 🏆 12 29:23 Female Lawrenceville, GA 70° F 5K
Picked a mostly flat course which definitely helped me get to Sub-30. Rewarded myself w/ a donut afterwards :)
3 🏆 10 1:11:35 Female Covington, WA 79° F 10K
Much warmer when I finished, but beautiful day on the trail and recovered with my legs in the river!

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